Bulk Input and globus-rls-cli

New Feature for globus-rls-cli

In the next version of the RLS client, globus-rls-cli will be able to handle file input for bulk operations.

[bmoe@draco ~]$ globus-rls-cli -h
Usage: globus-rls-cli [-c] [-h] [-i input-file] [-l result-limit] [-s] [-t timeout] [-u] [-v] [command] rls-url
  add <lfn> <pfn>
  attribute add <object> <attr> <obj type> <attr type> <val>
  attribute bulk add <object> <attr> <obj type> <attr type> <val> ...
Note the -i input-file option. For any bulk operation, operands may be read from a file. Data in the file must contain exactly the arguments needed for a single operation of the type requested. For example:
[bmoe@draco ~]$ cat datafile
H-H2_RDS_C03_L1-862303024-128.gwf /data/RDS_C03/H-H2_RDS_C03_L1-862303024-128.gwf
H-H2_RDS_C03_L1-862308080-128.gwf /data/RDS_C03/H-H2_RDS_C03_L1-862308080-128.gwf
H-H2_RDS_C03_L1-862303152-128.gwf /data/RDS_C03/H-H2_RDS_C03_L1-862303152-128.gwf
H-H2_RDS_C03_L1-862308208-128.gwf /data/RDS_C03/H-H2_RDS_C03_L1-862308208-128.gwf
H-H2_RDS_C03_L1-862303280-128.gwf /data/RDS_C03/H-H2_RDS_C03_L1-862303280-128.gwf
H-H2_RDS_C03_L1-862308336-128.gwf /data/RDS_C03/H-H2_RDS_C03_L1-862308336-128.gwf
[bmoe@draco ~]$ globus-rls-cli -i datafile bulk add rls://localhost
[bmoe@draco ~]$
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