LIGO Data Replicator

LDR has a number of features that we hope make it very useful for organizations that need to replicate data sets to member sites:
  • High-speed data transfers due to using multiple parallel data streams, tunable TCP windows, and tunable write/read buffers. This functionality is provided by the Globus GridFTP-enabled servers and clients included as part of LDR.

  • The locations of files at sites within an organization or Data Grid are tracked using a database backend, and the databases at each site inform each other so that one can query any member site's database to locate a particular file. This functionality is provided by the Globus Replica Location Service (RLS). We use a MySQL database backend.

  • Information about data files, the so-called metadata, is also stored using a database backend. This allows site administrators to select groups of files for replication based on the characteristics of data files rather than just the names of the files.

  • All authentication for all clients and servers involved with LDR is done using the Globus Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI). This is a PKI-based authentication infrastructure that uses standard X.509 digital certificates.

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