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Introductory Information

Our Beowulf has 48 nodes connected by a 100-base T switch.  Each node is a DEC 300XL workstation containing a 300 MHz alpha 21164 CPU with 2Mbytes of cache, and a peak floating point performance of 600 Mflops.  The system has a peak floating point performance of 28.8 Gflops, 8.45 Gbytes of distributed RAM, and 98 Gbytes of distributed disk storage space.  The system was initially set up and running on May 4, 1998.


Photographs of the System

Single Machine Benchmarks

We wrote our own benchmarking code, to test these machines on the sort of tasks we typically perform. This benchmark consists of doing fast fourier transforms (FFTs) of different lengths (if you use our benchmarking program, we would be interested in hearing about your results!)

System Software

Construction and Configuration

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