Configuration of the Network switch for the Beowulf Sytem

Switch:                        SuperStack II Switch 3300
                                    24 Fast ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-Tx  ports

No. of switches:            2
                                     switches connected to each other by one matrix cable

                            Both the switches are configured identically as given below.
1. Connect the console port of the switch to COM2 port on a PC.
2. Enter WIN95 to configure the Network Switch.
3. Open HyperTerminal by clicking on the following path: 
<Start> => <Programs> => <Accessories> => <HyperTerminal>
4. Key in '3com' for Name and click <OK>
5. Select 'COM2' and click <OK>
6. Set Bits/Sec to '19200'; Set Flow Control to 'none'. Leave the other settings unchanged.
7. hit <Enter> and login as 'admin' with empty password
8. Select 'ip'
9. select 'interface for setting IP info'
10. select 'define'
11. set IP to  (both switches share the same IP) 
set netmask to 
set gateway  to 
set SLIP addr to 
set SLIP subnet mask to
12. Hit <q><Enter><q><Enter> to get back to main menu.
13. select 'system'
14. select 'password' to set password for the switch (same for both the switches).
15. Hit  <q><ENTER> to get back to main menu.
16. select 'logout'.


                    Configuring the ports on the switch with the Web Interface
  1.  Open the page on  your web browser 
  2.  Log in as 'admin'.  You will see a screen on which both the switches are displayed on the left side and one of them is highlighted. 
At the top of the screen the details of the highlighted switch is displayed.
  3.  Select a particular port (by clicking the port on the large diagram) to configure.
  4. Make the following selection: 

Auto-negotiation           enabled
Speed/Duplex               auto
Full  Duplex flow control  auto
Half Duplex flow control   enabled
Port State                 enabled
Security                   disabled
PACE                       stack default

NOTE:  This configuration is the default.

  5. Configure all the other ports identical to the one above
  6. Click on the other switch and configure the ports as before.
  7. Logout or close your browser.