uwmlsc* - provides internal users homes, globus (all GSI authentication), lal, 
          ldcg (intel, sparc) (NFS)

storage1* - provides external users homes, scratch, 7.3/9install (for cloning),
            backup (for master config files backup), ldas_outgoing (NFS).

storage2* - provides scratch[234] (NFS)

        medusa - DHCP/TFTP (kickstart), DNS - internal (primary), NIS, NTP, 
                 only machine that can admin the switch (http or telnet),
                 admin access machine.
        condor - condor central manager, must be up before other masters
        hydra - DNS - internal (secondary) external and internal users job 
                submit machine
        contra - internal users job submit machine

                slaves - all LIGO data (NFS), condor, LDAS
                        NFS - each node contains some amount of LIGO data
                        condor - each node is a condor worker node
                        LDAS - each node is an LDAS worker node**

*these machine rely on medusa for internal dns, won't start all services
properly w/o medusa providing dns service

**Not necessarily true, will not necessarily be true long term