BIOS flash/update for the Intel D815EFV/D815EPFV motherboard

This document explains how to make and use the bios upgrade CD to flash the bios on an intel D815EFV/D815EPFV motherboard. This CD will update the bios and the set the cmos settings.

If you want to update the bios to the current version we are running on the cluster you need only boot the node off of the bios upgrade CD. Section II explains how this is done. If you need to make a new version of the bios upgrade CD or just want to know how one is made go to Section I.

Section I. Creating a New BIOS Update CD

The BIOS upgrade CD is really just a floppy image that is burned onto CD to make the process more reliable. The bios upgrade is done by a dos program from intel and the cmos upgrade is handled by an open source utility that can save and restore cmos settings. Everything is run under freedos and is automated by editing the autoexec.bat.

On a Windows box ...

On your Linux box ... On a medusa node ... On your Linux box again ...

Section II. Updating the Motherboard BIOS

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