We have extracted the BIOS settings stored on worker nodes, using the utility 
[what's it called?].  Using another utility, [called], we've created a 
bootable CD image [uses dr-dos?  or what?] that flashes the BIOS to version
[what version, P21?] and flashes the settings as well.

1) In order for this to work, you may need to enter Setup (pressing delete key
on bootup, or F1 or F2).  Go to Advanced Options[?] and set the boot order
such that the CDROM is set to first in Boot Order.  Save settings and Exit

2) Insert our magic flash CD and reboot the node (you should see a message
mentioning "Start DR-DOS" (or whatever) 

3) Wait, you should see a progress bar (red background) that show's how the
flashing process is going.  When it completes the screen should clear and 
return to a blinking a:\ prompt

4) Your BIOS has now been upgraded to P21 and the settings we're interested
in are set for you (we set boot order to PXE-boot, CDROM, HDD)