FC3 Install Guide

  1. Log into Storage1 as root
  2. Create /export1/FC3install directory
  3. Copy /mnt/cdrom/Fedora/* to /export1/FC3install
  4. Create /export1/FC3install/install-server
  5. Obtain anaconda-ks.cfg from an FC3 install and place in /export1/FC3install/install-server/
  6. Add Medusa-Common group to /export1/FC3install/Fedora/base/comps.xml
  7. Edit anaconda-ks.cfg appropreatly.
  8. Copy RPMS from disc2, disc3 and disc4 to /export1/FC3install/Fedora/RPMS
  9. Rebuild any srpms in /export1/FC3install/slaveconfig/srpms and /export1/FC3install/commonconfig/srpms
  10. Log out of Storage1
  11. Log into Medusa as root
  12. Obtain initrd.img from /mnt/cdrom/images/pxeboot and place in /tftpboot/
  13. Obtain vmlinuz from /mnt/cdrom/images/pxeboot and place in /tftpboot/
  14. Create a new 'default.FC3' file under /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg and edit it to point to the vmlinuz.FC3 and initrd.FC3
  15. Edit default.FC3 to mount storage1:/export1/FC3install/install-server/anaconda-ks.cfg
  16. Clone a node.