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Foundry FastIron III switch

Why not RTFM? Because it's over 18MB and 1000 pages long. But if you want it, it's here.

To get the switch to its present state after plugging everything in, here is what we did (minus the blind alleys) after logging in from the master via the serial port:

erase startup-config
ip address
hostname medusa-switch1
config term
aaa authentication web-server default none

To monitor the switch, even from another continent, login to medusa's first master node and point Netscape here. User name is "set" and there is no password. The switch will refuse access to any machine in the world except medusa.

You can save/load the configuration file to/from disk on the master from/to flash or current RAM. Use the commands section of the web admin tool on the switch. Use the /tftp directory on the master, but disable tftp when you're done!

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