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Adding a user to LDAS

These instructions describe how to add a user to the LDAS system at UWM. People following these instructions are expected to be familiar with interacting with the APIs on their emergency ports. You also need to know the manager key for the LDAS system which can be obtained from Duncan.

There are two types of LDAS user at UWM: regular users (people who only wish to issue guild queries, etc.) and shared object developers. Adding a regular user is simple and only involves steps one and two of these instructions. Shared object developers need to be added to the automount files of the machines where the APIs are running.

  1. Creating an LDAS account. From any machine telnet ldas.phys.uwm.edu 10002. You should see the following response:
    [duncan@antares duncan]$ telnet ldas.phys.uwm.edu 10002
    Connected to ldas.phys.uwm.edu.
    Escape character is '^]'.
    There is no prompt, but the system is ready for commands. Issue the following command:
     MGRKEY mgr::addUser name password email fullname phone expires
    where MGRKEY is the manager key. The other fields should be filled in as follows:
    • name Users LDAS username, e.g. ballen
    • password The users chosen LDAS password.
    • email A valid email address for the user, e.g. ballen@gravity.phys.uwm.edu
    • fullname The users full name in double quotes, e.g. "Bruce Allen"
    • phone A contact phone number. I have not been filling these in with valid data, as we don't use them, so you can use some random phone number like 555-1234
    • expires An expiration time for the account in seconds since the Epoch (00:00:00 UTC, January 1, 1970). We are not setting expiration times, so this can be set to a large number, typically 2114402400
  2. Add the user to the ldas-uwm mailing list using the mailman interface.
  3. For a shared object developer, add the user to the automount files on the machines that run the APIs. For the linux side these should (eventually) be served by NIS from uwmlsc, but for the moment add the user to /etc/auto.home on
    • datacon.phys.uwm.edu
    • antares.phys.uwm.edu
    • lugh.phys.uwm.edu
    You will also need to add the user to /etc/auto_home (note the underscore) on ldas.phys.uwm.edu. This enables all the APIs to see the users home directories.

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