Protecting Your GC Machines From Power Failure With NUTs

Quick Synopsis of Installation Procedure: Read it! You will understand much better what you are doing.

The instructions below explain how to install NUTs (Network UPS Tools) on one (or a few) desk-top computer(s). If the line power to the UPS fails, the NUTs software informs the computers. The machines then run on the UPS battery power for a specified (configurable) time period (0[10 min] recommended). If power is not restored before the time expires, NUTs will issue a shutdown command to the computer. If power is restored before the time expires, normal operations resume.

The installation consists of downloading and installing the NUTs rpm (basically the same rpm we install on the cluster); editing a few lines in a few configuration files; restarting NUTs; and then testing it.

There are actually two sets of instructions below. The first explains how to install NUTs on a single computer )the UPS "master"). The master communicates directly with the UPS over a serial cable. If your office has only one computer plugged into the UPS, it will need to be configured as the master, and you will only need to follow the first set of instructions. The second set of instructions explains how to add additional "client" computers to the same UPS. If the power fails, the UPS master is informed via the serial cable and then relays the information to the clients over the network.

The sensible path is to install NUTs on a single (master) computer and test it. Once you have this working, follow the second set of instructions to add client computers.

NUTs in an incredibly flexible tool. If you want to do something more exotic than the simple configuration given here, see

How To Install NUTs On A Single Machine

How To Install NUTs On An Additional Client Machine