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NUTs On Server Nodes

How To Install

  • Wiring
    1. A UPS is plugged into the wall outlet via 30 Amp power cable.
    2. The server is then plugged into a power strip which is connected to the UPS.
    3. A serial cable connects the UPS to the server.
  • Setting Up NUTs
    1. Obtain nut rpm from cvs/rh9/uwmlsc/rpms
    2. Now install by doing rpm -Uvh nut*
    3. The driver may need to be changed depending on what UPS will be used.
      • Edit /etc/ups/ups.conf
      • Change the name of the UPS [UPSNAME]
      • Input the driver file driver = (tripplite, powerware...)
      • NOTE: Make sure there are no spaces in the UPS name.
    4. Edit /etc/sysconfig/ups
      • If no other computers connect to the server you are setting up then you will only need the following 3 lines:
      • STARTUPSD=1
      • LOGINLEVEL=master
      • UPSDSERVER=""
    5. Edit /etc/ups/upssched.conf as needed.
      • The default shutdown time for cluster nodes is 2 minutes.
      • Servers will typically be set to 20 minutes (1200 seconds)
      • NOTE: Input time in seconds.
    6. After configuration is complete do service nuts restart

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