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Before cloning: (LINK)

 - broadcast warnings
   on medusa 'wall ....'
 - shut down services (condor, others)?

 - disable logins

How to clone (LINK)

After cloning, check the following:

local mounts - make sure /dev/hda[134], /dev/hdc[12] are mounted appropriately
      (check contents of fstab); if the disk has a Samsung drive on hdb, make
      sure /dev/hdb1 is mounted appropriately.

IP - node dhcp's appropriately

DNS - DNS is working properly 
        "nslookup medusa-master001" should return medusa's internal IP

NIS - NIS is working properly
        "ypcat passwd" should show the contents of NIS master (medusa) passwd
            file (on medusa, medusa:/var/yp/ypfiles/passwd)

NFS - make sure remote automounts work
          ls /home/{automounted home dir}
          ls /netdata/s{some number 001-296}
          ls /netdatc/s{some number 001-296}
      make sure local exports work
          on another node, ls /netdata/s{node just cloned}
          on another node, ls /netdatc/s{node just cloned}
condor - does slave node join condor pool?
        "condor_medusa |grep `hostname -s`" will return output (consisting of
            hostname, status w/ regards to condor, and load) if the machine
            has joined the pool; it will return NOTHING if the node has not
            joined to pool.

Make sure that the web services working: ganglia, UPS monitoring, htdig

Check than ordinary user can log in to hydra/contra and see slaves

How to check for stale file handles.

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