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   Title: How to download pictures from the Kodak DC-120 Digital Camera

(1) Take the pictures
(2) Connect the camera to the Windows NT Box in Room 419.  Use the black cable that has a 9-pin serial cable at one end, and a DIN connector at the other.  Use the upper of the two serial connectors on the NT box.
(3) Start up Adobe Photoshop
(4) Select the FILE->IMPORT->TWAIN_32 menu item. A window should pop up, labeled KODAK DC120 DIGITAL ACCESS (TWAIN AQUIRE)
(5) Turn on the camera by sliding the on/open section near the lens.  When you do this, the LED display will show a rotating pattern indicating that it's able to transfer data.
(6) Push the button that says GET PICTURES FROM CAMERA.  A pop-up window will appear.
(7) Select the Camera Memory folder in the pop-up menu.  In my case the ALBUM 7 directory was the right one.
(8) The pictures in camera memory are listed under "FILE SELECTION" on the left.  Select the ones you want with the left mouse button.  Use shift-left-mouse to add to the list. Then push the ADD-TO-LIST-> button.
(9)  Push the OK button.  A window labeled "GETTING PICTURES" will pop up, showing you thumbnails of the different pictures.
(10) To get a picture, highlight the thumbnail, then select the TRANSFER PICTURE button (showing a paper airplane).  It will appear in the Adobe Photoshop display.  You can now operate on it, save it, etc.
(11)  Repeat step 10 as many times as needed.
(12)  When you are done transfering pictures, turn off the camera (please, it EATS batteries!) and exit the TWAIN pop-up window, using the CLOSE button.
(13)  To save the picture onto disk, select the picture within PhotoShop by clicking on it. Then use the FILE->SAVE-AS submenu to save it.  Be sure, in the file save popup, to choose the file format you want from the SAVE AS selection menu.  I suggest .jpeg or .giff as a format that web browsers understand best.
(14) I found the files were then put into: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop 5.5\Goodies\Samples Use Windows NT Explorer or some other tool to transfer them onto a linux box under J: . If you don't see a drive named J:, talk to Duncan about getting an SMB password.  After you've done that, right click on My Computer, select MAP NETWORK DRIVE,  select DRIVE: J:, PATH: \\antares\your-account, CONNECT AS: your user name

Now the the pictures are on the linux box, you're on your own!

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