Setup pictures

Click on a picture to see a larger version.

Closeup of the back ends of several nodes: note the MAC address labels

Alan Wiseman ready to connect to the Foundry network switch

Closeup of nodes, with technical annotations

Santa Claus came in August: unpacking the nodes was nontrivial

Network cables in order and ready to plug into nodes

Network and power cables looking for a home

Each node was inspected before installation (From top: Jolien Creighton, Patrick Brady, Scott Koranda, Bruce Allen)

Jolien Creighton hauling a UPS into position

Kevin Flasch tests memory and notes it the old-fashioned way

Who said theoretical physics doesn't involve heavy lifting? Scott Koranda, Jolien Creighton and David Hammer manhandle 100-lb UPSes onto the top shelf

Nodes are built around the Intel D815EFV motherboard, with as few added parts as possible

Patrick Brady checks a node before it is allowed onto the shelf

A few dozen cubic meters of styrofoam looking for a home

Teviet Creighton checks a connection

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