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LDAS Workshop at UWM

13, 14 May 2002

List of participants

Maria Alessandra Papa (AEI)
Steve Penn (Syracuse University)
Mario Diaz (UTB)
Charlie Torres (UTB)
David Chin (University of Michigan)
Greg Mendell (LHO)
Igor Yakushin (LLO)
Jolien Creighton (UWM)
Patrick Brady (UWM)
Alan Wiseman (UWM)
Ben Owen (UWM)
Duncan Brown (UWM)
David Hammer (UWM)
Kevin Flasch (UWM)
Mark Williamsen (UWM)
Saikat Ray Majumder (UWM)

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The LSC group at the University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee will conduct a workshop on writing LAL and LALWrapper search code and running it in the LDAS environment. The workshop will also include a session on running "Condor" jobs on the Grid. This is intended to be a hands on experience.

Although the workshop will last only two (fairly intense) days, the facilities will remain available for the entire week and participants are encouraged to self-organize follow-on working sessions to bear down on specific coding problems.

Alan Wiseman will host participants for burgers and beer on the evening of the first day.


We have limited space and hardware, therefore we can accomodate only a limited number of participants. We will enroll people on a first-come-first-served basis until we are full; those who expressed interest at the LSC meeting will have the top priority.

If you wish to attend, please complete the form below and email it Jolien Creighton at jolien@gravity.phys.uwm.edu


In general, workshop participants will need to provide their own network-ready laptop with an X-Windows emulator. We will, however, provide some (very few) desktop machines for participants without laptops. We will have wired (10/100bT) and wireless (802.11b) network connections in the room.

Workshop participants should have experience with unix/linux and a working knowledge of C. LAL or MPI programming experience is not required.

The reference platform for LDAS, LAL and LALWrapper development is RedHat Linux 7.1. Participants wishing to develop on their own hardware will find things proceed smoother if they run this version of Linux. A later announcement, made only to registered participants, will provide further information about hardware and software requirements.

Tentative Curriculum and Schedule

  • Monday, 13 May 2002 - 08:30--18:00
    • Introduction and Overview
    • Catalog of software packages - 1 hr
      • what is LAL?
      • what is LDAS?
      • what is LALWrapper?
      • what is LALApps?
      • how do they fit together?
      • how to get help (mail lists, LSUG, bug reports, etc)
    • Get and install LSC software - 3 hrs
      • how to get and install LAL
      • how to get and install LALWrapper
      • how to get and install standalone wrapperAPI
    • How to develop LSC software - 3 hrs
      • adding contents to LAL
      • adding a package to LAL
      • contributing search code to LALWrapper
      • how to test your search code using standalone wrapperAPI
      • debugging standalone wrapperAPI
  • Tuesday, 14 May 2002 - 9:00-18:00
    • Running code under LDAS - 3 hrs
      • how to understand the LDAS environment
      • how to run an existing search code
      • how to get information from LDAS -- Guild
      • how to write your own job scrip
    • Doing more - 1 hr
      • LDASjob package, etc
    • Using LSC software on the Grid - 3 hrs
      • what is the Grid
      • security on the Grid
      • submitting jobs using Condor
      • how to get, install, and add contents to LALApps
      • running LALApps code using Condor


Park East Hotel
Address: 916 East State Street
Phone: 800 328 7275.
Web Site: www.parkeasthotel.com

A block of rooms has been reserved the Park East Hotel. The rooms will be held until 30 April and reservations can be cancelled until 48 hours before arrival. When making a reservation, tell them you are with the L-D-A-S Workshop. The rate should be 62/night plus tax.

The Park East runs a shuttle to UWM, but not to the airport. For airport transportation go to the Airport Connection booth between baggage claims. Theoretically, they have vans leaving every 15 minutes for $9.50/person and do not require a reservation. Their number is 414-769-2444 if you need it.

Parking at UWM

The simplest parking solution is to avoid the problem by taking the shuttle from the Park East Hotel to UWM. However, if you do need to park, please indicate that on the form below and we will arrange for a parking permit.

LDAS Workshop Enrollment Form

Send to jolien@gravity.phys.uwm.edu



Require parking at UWM: Y or N?

Can you bring your own laptop with linux on it: Y or N?

Do you have a wireless card: Y or N?

The MAC address of your ethernet card:

Describe your familiarity with LAL, LALWrapper and LDAS.

Describe your level of programming experience in C.

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