Backing up Cron Jobs

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script sets up the initial settings for running backups. It uses cron jobs to perform nightly backups of the your current crontab. The crontab is stored by hostname. This way you can have different cron jobs on various machines. You must run this script only once on each machine you wish to preserve cron jobs. The script will backup cron jobs at 12 midnight to
where $HOST is the hostname.

Recovering Cron jobs

script will recover the cron jobs from the
This will include the cronbackup entry.
If you wish to remove the cronbackups, please edit the cron by running
[user@host]$ crontab -e
which will allow the you to remove the line for cron backups. The line you will need to remove will be of the format
0 0 * * * /usr/bin/crontab -l > $HOME/.cron-$HOST
where $HOST is the machine name. Please note that will delete the current crontab entry and recover the last backed up cron entry.

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