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IPMI implementations we've tried

What we've tried

    Up to now, we've done close to a default medusa-slave-node install of FC3 (with the addition of X86_64 packages) on a machine consisting of a Tyan 2881 motherboard and a Tyan M3289 SMDC (System Management Daughter Card), which is their BMC (Baseboard Management Controller).

    The machine came with the SMDC installed (mounted, and two cables attached to motherboard; 1 ~40pin cable attaches for data communication with system, 2nd cable for serial console redirection). We had to figure out which network jack to use here

    We then installed OpenIPMI-1.4.16-1 and OpenIPMI-ui-1.4.16-1 (Kevin did this, not sure what this provides?). We've tried to install TSO_Server_Agent_Redhat_64b (from tso stuff at Tyan, TSO = Tyan System Operator), but it's requires kernel modules available in 2.4 kernels (2.6 kernels have differently organized ipmi stuffs, namely the required ipmi_kcs_drv which got rolled into ipmi_si) but that failed. We also installed ipmitool-1.8.2-1.rhel3 on the 2881 machine.

    We at this point figured out that not all the modules got loaded on boot, so had to "modprobe impi_si". We also don't understand why, but the device /dev/ipmi0 "isn't always there" and needs to be "remade" (cat /proc/devices |grep ipmi ; mknod -m 0600 /dev/ipmi0 c {output of previous cat} 0 to make the char device) from occasionally...

    At this point, we could do an "ipmitool chassis status" (note, you may want to specify -I interface, in this case it defaults to openipmi interface) on the local machine. We then used bmcutil (referenced here) to set the IP info for the SMDC (in our case, IP=, Netmask=, gateway= as well as the password for "userid1" to blah.

    We then tried at this point to do an "ipmitool chassis status" from the remote machine (plugged into same private network as SMDC/2881): IPMI_PASSWORD=blah ipmitool -I lan -U Admin -H -E chassis status to no avail (returned "Error: Unable to establish LAN session"), sniffing shows the kernel on the running system returning ICMP port unreachable.


  • M3289 faq, alluded to in the "manual", impossible to find

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