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Node # Processor 1 Instance 2 Instances 4 Instances
S296 Pentium III Power 80m48.111s
Inspird 141m10.228s
S297 2 x AMD Opteron 252 Power 16m40.127s 16m42.986s
Inspird 57m44.681s 53m42.402s
S298 Dual Core AMD Opteron Power 19m46.345s 19m40.693s 19m56.894s
Inspird 61m2.577s 59m22.755s 58m15.819s
Both inspiral-benchmark and power-benchmark were ran on the three nodes with the time command. Once the test completed the time given was recorded into a text document. For 2 and 4 instances the averages of the times were calculated.

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