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Cluster Node Prototype (nemo-test02)


  • 4x Western Digital WD3200JD-00 320GB Hard Drives (RAID 5)
  • 400W T-win Power Supply
  • 4x 512MB PC3200 Registered RAM
  • Tyan Thunder K8SR (S2881) Motherboard
  • Chipset: AMD 8131 HT PCI-X Tunnel / AMD 8111 HT I/O Hub
  • Onboard:4x SATA controllers, video, 1x serial, 2x USB 1.1, 2 RJ45
  • 2x AMD Opteron 252
  • 3ware 8000 Controller Card
Instructions On Adding The Areca Driver To The Initrd Image.

Drag Benchmark Tests

    Tests With 2 Instances of Drag 1.2 With Sums. (S7)
  • click here.
    Tests With 4 Instances of Drag 1.2 With Sums.
  • click here.

Bonnie Benchmark Tests

    Tests On Reiser filesystem using Areca ARC-110 RAID Controller
  • Results from using 32K, 64K, 128K stripe size.

Power Consumption Tests

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