Analysis of Performance of ZFS on our SunFire X4500's

For our 3 machines that will house user home directories, archive data, and certain LIGO data, we are going to use the 3 vdev config for the zpool, as this gets us the largest usable space, with an acceptable level of performance; this was decided by Patrick, Scott, and Paul.

The table below summarizes the performance testing we did with these systems. We performed a mix of local and remote tests over nfs. The speeds are in MB/s, and are listed as write/read, example 413w/427r means 413MB/s write / 427MB/s read. The complete results are linked to at the bottom of this page.

Number of vdevs Size local bonnie++ local dd 56 Clients, 16 NFSd 56 Clients, 300 NFSd 1 Client bonnie++ 1 Client dd
3 17TB / 18606163968K 454.5w/526.0r 413w/427r 89.7w/149.3r 103.0w/218.0r 78.6w/113.9r 74.7w/76.6r
4 16TB / 17641193472K 447.0w/551.9r 445w/475r 92.4w/161.3r 102.4/255.0r 78.7w/85.2r 74.6w/76.0r
5 16TB / 1664321600K 438w 93.7w/187.8r        
6 15TB / 15713574912K 488w 92.6w/170.5r