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IP Addresses and Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs)

This page documents the setup of the IP addresses for the all the machines connected to the nemo switch, the core of our private internal network. For NEMO, we're creating one large IP network out of the address space. The address space is a natural Class C address space, and we're actually going to use a IP network for this cluster. The /21 is shorthand for describing the bitmask and thus network; the bitmask in binary has "1's" in the first two octets, and the 5 left most bits of the third octet (11111111.11111111.11111000.00000000 = a /21)

This network has host addresses ranging from -

Of the merged Class C networks, we're going to logically split those up in the following way:

  • - -- Master Nodes, File Servers, Data Servers, etc.
  • - -- Switchs
  • - -- Unused
  • - Slave Nodes

The FQDN of a slave is nemo-slaveXXXX.medusa.phys.uwm.edu where XXXX is a number from 0001 to 1200. The slaves can also be refered to as slaveXXXX.nemo.phys.uwm.edu or sXXXX.nemo.phys.uwm.edu. This means that refering to them as slaveXXXX or sXXXX will also work.

Similarly the FQDN of a master is nemo-masterXXXX.nemo.phys.uwm.edu where XXXX is a number from 0001 to 0003. The masters can also be refered to as masterXXXX.medusa.phys.uwm.edu or mXXXX.nemo.phys.uwm.edu. This means that refering to them as masterXXXX or mXXXX will also work.

Internal IP Internal FQDN Alias External IP External FQDN Description -         reserved nemo-master0001.nemo.phys.uwm.edu m001.nemo.phys.uwm.edu nemo.phys.uwm.edu Master Node 1 -         reserved -         reserved nemo-switch1.nemo.phys.uwm.edu nemo-switch1.phys.uwm.edu Internal Force10 Switch ups.nemo.phys.uwm.edu       UPS System management interface -         reserved -         reserved -         reserved nemo-slave0001.nemo.phys.uwm.edu s0001.nemo.phys.uwm.edu     Slave Node 1
... ... ...     ... nemo-slave0240.nemo.phys.uwm.edu s0240.nemo.phys.uwm.edu     Slave Node 240 -         reserved -         reserved nemo-slave0241.nemo.phys.uwm.edu s0241.nemo.phys.uwm.edu     Slave Node 241
... ... ...     ... nemo-slave0480.nemo.phys.uwm.edu s480.nemo.phys.uwm.edu     Slave Node 480 -         reserved -         Reserved nemo-slave0481.nemo.phys.uwm.edu s0481.nemo.phys.uwm.edu     Slave Node 481
... ... ...     ... nemo-slave0720.nemo.phys.uwm.edu s720.nemo.phys.uwm.edu     Slave Node 720 -         reserved -         Reserved nemo-slave0721.nemo.phys.uwm.edu s0721.nemo.phys.uwm.edu     Slave Node 721
... ... ...     ... nemo-slave0960.nemo.phys.uwm.edu s960.nemo.phys.uwm.edu     Slave Node 960 -         reserved -         Reserved nemo-slave0961.nemo.phys.uwm.edu s0961.nemo.phys.uwm.edu     Slave Node 961
... ... ...     ... nemo-slave1200.nemo.phys.uwm.edu s1200.nemo.phys.uwm.edu     Slave Node 1200 -         reserved

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