UPS system initialization instructions

This document assumes that the entire UPS system has been shutdown cleanly, and you are attempting to turn it on.

The following abbreviations and terms will be used throughout the rest of this document:

Steps to start for starting up from complete power down

1. Verify room power is on - inside the panel immediately inside and to the left of the cluster room door, a panel labeled MPD/A-800A, two breakers will be found, they are labeled Maint. Bypass and UPS INPUT, make sure both of these breakers are in the ON position (set to "1").

On the UPS Panel (inside the right-hand door on the UPS)

2. Turn on circuit breaker CB1 (1000A breaker on the top of the panel labeled "CB1") -- This causes the LCD display on the UPS to illuminate.

On the UPS Maintenance Bypass Panelboard, as per the instructions found inside the Panelboard door

3. Turn on BIB (bottom of the three breakers).

On the UPS Panel

4. Turn "Mode" switch to ByPass.
5. Turn "Start" key on (near bottom of panel, spring loaded, returns to initial placement after turned).

On the UPS Maintenance Bypass Panelboard

6. Push black button on bottom panel, turn the adjacent key to "on" and remove key.
7. Use key from Step 6 to unlock MIB circuit, and then turn MIB circuit on.
8. Turn MBB circuit off, and lock the breaker "off" by turning its key.
9. Use key from Step 7 in keyed solenoid unit (bottom of panel) and turn on -- This causes the illumination of the "white" indicator.

On the UPS Main panel

10. Turn "Battery" switch to "Normal".
11. Turn "Mode" switch to "Normal".
12. Turn "Start" switch (spring loaded).
13 a, b, and c. Reset battery breakers in the three battery cabinets - Turn on these breakers, one per cabinet, order doesn't matter.