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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Now I would like to try running some jobs, however when I type condor_q I get an error saying that condor_schedd is not running on the machine. Is there another machine I have to log into at UWM to do this?

    A: You should access the cluster via hydra.phys.uwm.edu. Make sure your shell setup scripts do NOT contain references to LSC_DATAGRID_SERVER_LOCATION and the setup.sh/setup.csh scripts. We've adjusted our system wide setup scripts to automatically configure your environment for you, and running the LSC_DATAGRID setup scripts on login, your environment will not be set up correctly (i.e. your shell won't find condor_schedd running).

  2. Q: When I configure lalapps with the option --enable-condor I get an error, saying 'cannot find the lal library', whereas everything builds just fine without this option. Doing a "which condor_compile" gives /opt/condor/bin/condor_compile. Is this as it should be?

    A: We are running Condor 6.7.20 which does not support condor_compilation on 64bit architectures as yet. To compile LALApps to run in the vanilla (instead of standard) universe, see the hints Configure LALApps to build static programs and make sure you set the universe appropriately.

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