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System Installation

This section documents operating systems and system administration tasks related to system setup.

  1. How to install or re-install the operating system on a UWM LSC workstation:
  2. How our servers were configured:
  3. New users/groups should be added on uwmlsc and propagated from there.
    • A table lists users/groups. Userids and groupids should be chosen according to the conventions in this document.
    • Instructions on adding UWM LSC users and machines.
    • Instructions on adding UWM LSC users on the group's Windows XP machine,

Useful links for the systems that we own:


This section documents the exising general computing (i.e everything except beowulf) hardware that the group currently uses.

Cluster Hard Drive Install

KVM instructions

List of General Computing Machines

Tape Robot and Backup Configuration Information

Backup Tape Offsite Storage Schedule

Setting up a serial console (as done with storage2).

Switching machines from 57 subnet to 61.


This section documents software subsequently added to the system onto of the base install.



This section documents the groups current network configuration.



This section documents known problems with the groups computing configuration.


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