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Hard Drive Install

This section documents the process of installing new hard drives in the slave nodes.

    Station 1:
    • remove 4 panel screws.
    • remove panels.
    • detach 1 Maxtor HDD power cable.
    • detach 1 Maxtor IDE cable.
    Station 2:
    • detach CPU fan.
    • remove screws from Maxtor HDD (2 or 4 screws).
    • remove Maxtor HDD.
    • remove CMOS battery.
    Station 3:
    • insert new CMOS battery.
    • insert Samsung drive in top of 3.5 inch drive bay.
    • insert 2 HDD screws.
    • insert IBM drive in bottom of 3.5 inch drive bay.
    • insert 2 HDD screws.
    Station 4:
    • reattach IDE cable to Samsung and IBM drive.
    • reattach power cable to Samsung drive
    • reattach power cable to IBM drive
    • reattach CPU fan.
    Station 5:
    • flash bios.
    • attach 2 side panels.
    • insert 4 screws.


This section documents the hardware and supplies needed to do the upgrade.

  1. Tools
    • Screwdrivers
      • 2 powered, 5 standard.
    • 2 Keyboard,2 Monitors and power source for flashing bios.
  2. Supplies
    • 100 CMOS Batteries were ordered on 1/27/2004
    • 125 Y power adaptors were ordered on 1/27/2004
    • 7 Grounding Straps.
    • 100 Hard Drive Jumpers
  3. Obtain tables and carts.
    • 4-6 tables for hard drive install.
    • 2 tables for checking bios.


This section documents how many people are needed to do the upgrade in a reasonable amount of time.

  • 7 Trained Monkies.
  • 4-5 Previous helpers.
  • Other LSC members.
4-5 trained monkies to disconnect machines and move them in and out of the cluster room. 5 helpers people will work on the hard drive install. 2-3 trained monkies and flash the bios.

Prep Work

This section documents what needs to be done before the process begins.

  1. A bootable BIOS CD needs to be created.
  2. Hard drive jumpers should be correctly set.


This section documents possible problems with the upgrade.

    Before Hard Drive Install.
    • Is data stored on Maxtor drives?
    • Test cloning with new drives.
    • Do the drives jumpers need to be set?
    • Replace all CMOS batteries to avoid encountering dead ones.
    • Test slave nodes to verify cloning success.

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