Numerical Relativity and Data Analysis:
Nov 6-7, 2006 @ MIT, Boston


Registration & Travel
LSC Meeting


Recent progress in the field of numerical relativity coupled with continuous advances on the data analysis front has prompted the idea to hold a joint meeting of the two communities around the time of the LSC meeting in Boston. The Numerical Relativity and Data Analysis (NRDA) meeting will be held at MIT following the November LSC meeting.

The preliminary program for the workshop is given below. Most sessions are 1.5 hours with a single talk to provide a focus for discussion. The speakers will be announced very soon.

All participants are encouraged to think about the topics and participate in discussions. All participants are also encouraged to prepare a single transparency (hardcopy only and only one) which they may present in support discussion at an appropriate time. This is not intended to allow short talks, but rather to encourage and allow effective communication during the meeting. If you think you will want to discuss some point and will have a transparency, please e-mail the SOC with your name and the topic for discussion. We'll send a reminder to registered participants closer to the meeting

Registration and Travel

Registration for the NRDA session is now open at the LSC Meeting Website by following the link to registration. When registering, please select "NRDA" in sessions attending; the registration fee for the 1.5 day meeting will be $30. A list of hotels is also provided on the web site. While space is limited, we can accommodate everybody who responded to the first e-mail about this meeting. We encourage everybody to register immediately so that we can address over-subscription if necessary.


This is a preliminary program. It will be updated with speaker information by 10/10/06.

Mon, Nov 6:
09:00-10:30 Status of numerical relativity with a focus on binary black holes [ PDF ]
(Chair: Pretorius, Speaker: Uli Sperhake) 
[ Notes ]
10:30-11:00 Coffee
11:00-12:30 Searching for gravitational-waves from compact binaries [ PDF ] 
(Chair: Whiting, Speaker: Duncan Brown)
[ Notes ]


14:00-15:30 Accuracy and physical relevance of numerical simulations [ PDF ] 
(Chair: Lehner, Speaker: Mark Miller)
[ Notes ]
15:30-16:00 coffee
16:00-17:30 Systematic effects in gravitational-wave data analysis [ PDF ] 
(Chair: Siemens, Speaker: Stephen Fairhurst)
[ Notes ]

Tue, Nov 7:
09:00-10:30 Analytic approximations meet numerical relativity [ PDF ]
(Chair: Baumgarte, Speaker: Alessandra Buonnano)
10:30-11:00 Coffee
11:00-12:30 Overview of conference
(Chair: Brady)
What we heard about data analysis [PDF ] 
(Speaker: Manuela Campanelli)
What we heard about numerical relativity [ PDF ]
(Speaker: Patrick Sutton)


For further information, e-mail the SOC:

Thomas Baumgarte (Bowdoin College)
Patrick Brady (U. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Sam Finn (Penn. State University)
Luis Lehner (Louisiana State University)
Frans Pretorius (U. Alberta)
Bernard Whiting (U. Florida-Gainesville)


The list of participants as of 10 October 2006 is below. If your name does not appear and you did register, please check the LSC meeting web site; we will update this page only at irregular intervals.
Adhyam Sundararajan, Pranesh NRDA
Anderson, Warren NRDA 
Aulbert, Carsten NRDA
Babiuc, Maria-Cristina NRDA
Baumgarte, Thomas NRDA
Berger, Beverly NRDA
Betzwieser, Joseph NRDA
Bizouard, Marie-Anne NRDA
Blackburn, Lindy NRDA
Bose, Sukanta NRDA
Brady, Patrick NRDA
Brown, Duncan NRDA
Buonanno, Alessandra NRDA
Campanelli, Manuela NRDA
Cannon, Kipp NRDA
Cook, Gregory NRDA
Dergachev, Vladimir NRDA
Drasco, Steve NRDA
Dupuis, Rejean NRDA
Faber, Joshua NRDA
Fairhurst, Stephen NRDA
Fazi, Diego NRDA
Fotopoulos, Nick NRDA
Friedman, John NRDA
Goggin, Lisa NRDA
Herrmann, Frank NRDA
Hinder, Ian NRDA
Johnson, Warren NRDA
Kalogera, Vicky NRDA
Katsavounidis, Erik NRDA
Kelly, Bernard NRDA
Keppel, Drew NRDA
Kidder, Lawrence NRDA
Klimenko, Sergey NRDA
Knapp, Andrew NRDA
Krishnan, Badri NRDA
Laguna, Pablo NRDA
Lang, Ryan NRDA
Lazzarini, Albert NRDA
Lehner, Luis NRDA
Lindblom, Lee NRDA
Liu, Yuk Tung NRDA
Lousto, Carlos NRDA
Markowitz, Jared NRDA
Messaritaki, Eirini NRDA
Miller, Mark NRDA
Nissanke, Samaya NRDA
O'Shaughnessy, Richard NRDA
Owen, Ben NRDA
Pan, Yi NRDA
Pfeiffer, Harald NRDA
Pretorius, Frans NRDA
Price, Richard NRDA
Pullin, Jorge NRDA
Salamon, Michael NRDA
Saulson, Peter NRDA
Scheel, Mark NRDA
Seidel, Edward NRDA
Shawhan, Peter NRDA
Sperhake, Ulrich NRDA
Stein, Leo NRDA
Sutton, Patrick NRDA
Vallisneri, Michele NRDA
Whelan, John NRDA
Whitcomb, Stan NRDA
Yakushin, Igor NRDA
Yunes, Nicolas  NRDA