Numerical Relativity and Data Analysis:
Nov 6-7, 2006 @ MIT, Boston


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LSC Meeting

Mon 06 Nov 2006 10:41:30 AM CST

Duncan Brown

Manuela asked about spins.  Duncan replied that we are doing a search
for spinning binaries in S3 with detection template families.  LSC is
testing other directions at this time.  

Ulrich asked how to weight the importance of parameter space studies. 

??  What about the accuracy and convergence analysis.  Once in
convergence regime of method.  Make detailed convergence tests for
finite number of points. 

Frans commented that detection and parameter estimation.  He was
saying that for detection it was fine for some mass ranges,  but not
very good for parameter estimation. 

Josh asked what value of spin will result in an intolerable mismatch. 

Harald mentioned that the NR community samples the initial data
space unevenly.

Uli asked reminded that his slides were of the l=2 modes only. 

Peter Shawhan said a little about the burst searches.  These searches
rely on excess power.  Methods are designed to be insensitive to
details waveform.  In the LSC, we use sine-Gaussians as a sample test
case. Re-iterated Duncan's comment that these waveforms can be used to
test our detection methods.  Can also help interpret our searches by
converting searches to energy.  May be able to improve our burst

Patrick mentioned that the time-frequency volume of the signal matters
a lot and would be very helpful information for burst type searches. 

Josh asked about decoupling the different parts of the anlsysis.
Duncan mentioned that we are already doing these things and will
continue to do that.