GWDAW-8 First Circular

The 8th Annual Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop

The eighth annual Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop (GWDAW-8) will take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA from December 17-20, 2003.

This is the first of three circulars that will be distributed, describing GWDAW-8. Additional information, including registration instructions and abstract and poster submission forms, can be found at:
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GWDAW is an annual meeting devoted to data analysis for current and future gravitational wave detectors, studies of potential gravitational wave sources, and detector physics.


The workshop sessions will last three-and-one-half days, beginning in the morning about 08:30 AM on Wednesday December 17th, and ending around lunchtime 12:30 PM on Saturday December 20th. There will be a reception at the hotel on the evening of Tuesday December 16th. There will be a banquet at the hotel on the evening of Wednesday December 17th.


The closest airports are:

Scientific Organizing Committee

The members of the Scientific Organizing Committee are:

B. Allen (Chair)

U. Wisconsin—Milwaukee

P. Astone

INFN, Rome I

P. L. Bender

JILA—U. Colorado

P. Brady

U. Wisconsin—Milwaukee

L. S. Finn

Pennsylvania State U.

S. Frasca

U. La Sapienza, Roma

W. Johnson

Louisiana State U.

N. Kanda

Osaka City U.

B. Mours


M. A. Papa

Albert Einstein Institute—MPG

G. Prodi

U. Trento

B. Sathyaprakash

Cardiff U.
Wales, Great Britain

P. Shawhan


K. Tsubono

U. Tokyo

A. Vecchio

U. Birmingham
England, Great Britain

A. Viceré

U. Urbino

S. Vitale

U. Trento

H. Ward

U. Glasgow
Scotland, Great Britain

Local Organizing Committee

The members of the Local Organizing Committee are:

A. Wiseman (Chair)

U. Wisconsin—Milwaukee

B. Allen

U. Wisconsin—Milwaukee

S. Arthur

U. Wisconsin—Milwaukee

S. Koranda

U. Wisconsin—Milwaukee

S. Nelson
Conference Secretary

U. Wisconsin—Milwaukee


The tentative list of sessions and convenors is:

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

08:30-09:30 · "Status of Data Analysis I · Resonant Detectors" · Johnson
09:45-11:15 · "Status of Data Analysis II · Ground-Based IFOs" · Ward
11:30-12:30 · "Status of Data Analysis III · Space-Based IFOs" · Vitale
14:30-15:30 · "Space-Based Detectors I · Sources" · Bender
16:00-17:00 · "Space-Based Detectors II · Analysis Methods" · Vecchio

Thursday, December 18, 2003

08:30-09:30 · "Event Search I · Inspiral" · Brady
10:00-11:00 · "Event Search II · Pulsar" · Papa
11:30-12:30 · "Event Search III · Stochastic" · Allen
14:30-15:30 · "Event Search IV · Bursts" · Kanda
16:00-17:00 · "Event Search V · Bursts" · Prodi

Friday, December 19, 2003

08:30-09:30 · "Detector Characterization I · Calibration" · Tsubono
10:00-11:00 · "Detector Characterization II · Artifacts" · Mours
11:30-12:30 · "Detector Characterization III · Other" · Viceré
14:30-15:30 · "Issues in Current Searches" · Shawhan
16:00-17:00 · "Statistical Issues · Emphasis on Case Studies" · Astone

Saturday, December 20, 2003

08:30-09:30 · "Multi-Detector Analysis · Emphasis on Case Studies" · Finn
10:00-11:00 · "New and Improved Analysis Methods" · Frasca
11:30-12:30 · "Source and Population Modeling" · Sathyaprakash


Abstracts for talks and posters may be submitted at the GWDAW-8 web site:


Proceedings will be published by Classical and Quantum Gravity. Please note that while presenters are encouraged to contribute to the Proceedings, they are not obligated to do so.

Registration Fee

Additional registration information is available at the GWDAW-8 web site:

Conference Hotel and Facilities

Will be announced on next circular and on web site URL above.

Note added, 14OCT2003: Information about the Conference Hotel and Facilities can be found HERE.

Weather and Climate

The thirty year average (1973-2002) of the Milwaukee daily maximum, minimum and average temperatures in Celsius for December 17-20 are:
Maximum: 0, Minimum: -8, Average: -4

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