GWDAW-8 Abstract: Dynamic matched filters for gravitational wave detection

Rosario De Rosa · UniversitÓ di Napoli Federico II - Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche · VIRGO

The matched filter technique seems to be one of the most promising techniques for gravitational wave data analysis from coalescing binaries in very long baseline interferometers. This technique consists in a systematic exploration of the space of parameters using static grids of templates, generated at the beginning of the procedure, and used along the whole data filtering. Actually such static approach to the matched filter technique requires the evaluation of millions of templates and, as a consequence, a large computing power. In order to reduce such computing power, we developed a new procedure, still based on the matched filter technique, characterised by a dynamic approach to the problem, based on optimisation algorithms, like the Price algorithm. In this paper we describe the technique and present some test results comparing the static and dynamic matched filter techniques. Moreover, we underline its advantages and disadvantages, also in connection with farm architectures based