GWDAW-8 Abstract: Effective Search Method for Gravitational Ringing of Black Holes

Hiroyuki Nakano · Osaka City University · TAMA

We develop a search method for gravitational ringing of black holes. The detection of it will be a direct confirmation of the existence of a black hole. We consider matched filtering and develop an optimal method to search for the ringdown waves that have damped sinusoidal wave forms. When we use the matched filtering method, the data analysis with a lot of templates required. First, we consider the white noise case for which the matched filtering can be studied analytically. We construct an efficient method for tiling the template space. Then, using a fitting curve of the TAMA300 DT6 noise spectrum, we numerically consider the case of colored noise. We find our tiling method developed for the white noise case is still valid even if the noise is colored.