GWDAW-8 Abstract: Atomic Physics, Atoms, Nuclei, Electrons, EM Radiation, Molecular Physics, Gas Pressure, Intermolecu


ATOMIC PHYSICS; The study of atoms can easily be explained using the theory of matter (Kinetic theory of matter). The ancients such as the philisoplers. Democritus and lucretius held that matter was composed of minute particles. they also maintioned that these particles where in a state of contimions random motion within solids, liquid and gases. The theory was therefore called the KINETIC THEORY OF MATTER, after the Greek word kinema-motion. Strong evidence for the exestence of molecules is provided by the following observation. (A) The diffusion of gases and liquids - diffusion in solids has actually also being observed: aslab of lead was clamped to a slab of gold for some years, and diffusion of each metal a few milimetres into the other way demostrated by chemical analysis. (B) The mixing of two liquids to give final volument which is less than the sum of their orginal volument; (C) Disolving a solid in a liquid. it was not until 1827, however, that actually expe