GWDAW-8 Abstract: The origin of Generalised Mass-Energy Equation deltaE = Ac^2 deltaM; its mathematical justific

AJAY SHARMA · Community Science Centre , Shimla India

Einstein derived (in Sep 1905 paper), an equation between light energy (L) emitted and decrease in mass (m) of body i.e. (which is speculative origin of deltaE = c^2 delta m) completely disregarding many other possibilities from the derivation. It theorizes when light energy (L) is emanated from luminous body, then mass of body decreases. In blatant way the other possibility (delta m = - 0.0001523L/cv +L/c^2 ) from the same mathematical derivation under logical conditions, contradicts the law of conservation of matter and energy but these are unnoticed yet. For example, it is equally feasible (as feasible as Diracís prediction of positron) from the same mathematical derivation that the mass of source must also INCREASE or remain the SAME when it emits light energy. It clearly implies that mass of body inherently increases when energy is emitted or energy is emitted from body without change in mass. Then Einstein speculated general Mass Energy Equivalence deltaE = c^2 deltaM fr