GWDAW-8 Proceedings

The proceedings of GWDAW-8 are voluntary. Any speaker or poster presenter may submit an article to be considered for inclusion in a special issue of Classical and Quantum Gravity. Please review these CQG Guidelines for GWDAW-8 Article Submission.
The submission deadline is Friday 2 April 2004.

IoP has published a listing of articles and full text of articles that have been accepted for this publication.

The GWDAW-8 Organizers have purchased a complimentary copy of the proceedings for each workshop participant. The approximate publication and shipment dates will be announced here.

Any participant wishing to confirm their postal delivery address may submit it by email to the GWDAW-8 Workshop Secretary.
All postal delivery information must be received by Friday, 8 October 2004.

Submitting Presentation Transparencies / Slides / Posters

All presenters are asked to submit transparencies / slides / posters for public access through this web site. Additional information is available on the Transparencies / Slides / Posters page.