GWDAW-8 Abstract: GEO Online Detector Characterization System (GODCS)

Ramachandran Balasubramanian · Cardiff University · GEO

Current gravitional wave observatories record a large amount of subsidiary data in addition to the main gravitional wave channel. These could be environmental monitors such as seismometers and magnetometers or instrumental monitors such as those which monitor the alignment and suspension systems. This is required to ensure that any supposedly detected "events" are not noise artifacts. Since the volume of this subsidiary information is very large (about 70GB/day) for the GEO instrument it is very useful to have an automated tool which analyses most if not all the channels for any "abnormal" behaviour such as glitches, power fluctuations, unexpected couplings between channels, line amplitude fluctuations etc. Within GEO the various channels are processed using the GODCS software which is an extensible C++ data analysis tool. The results are written to a database. The next stage of data mining of the database is done using the TRIANA software which is a Java visual programm