GWDAW-8 Abstract: Observing the bursting universe with LIGO: Status and Prospects

Erik Katsavounidis · MIT · LIGO

The LIGO Scientific Collaboration has performed the first sensitive search for gravitational wave bursts with the data the LIGO instruments collected in 3Q2002 during the 'Science Run 1' (S1). A new set of data collected in early 2003 (during 'Science Run 2', S2) with the instruments' performance improved by a factor of 10 and with an integrated exposure increased by a factor of 4 (respect to S1) will allow us to obtain results significantly more sensitive than with S1. Multiple analysis algorithms are currently being deployed in searching for signatures of unmodeled (or poorly modeled) transients of gravitational radiation. Improvements and additions to previous search methodology are also being introduced. We will discuss the general status and plans for searching for gravitational wave bursts with the LIGO S2 data and describe the common aspects of our end-to-end analysis pipelines.