GWDAW-8 Abstract: Symmetry Breaking Based Detectors

Innocenzo M. Pinto · WavesGroup, University of Sannio at Benevento, IT · MOU with TAMA

Symmetry Breaking Based Detectors R.P. Croce', V. Matta", V. Pierro', I.M. Pinto' ' WavesGroup, University of Sannio at Benevento " DI^3E, University of Salerno Symmetry breaking based detectors are a wide and relatively unexplored class, which includes, among others, stochastic-resonance based detectors [1-3], and many more. In this communication we discuss a possible basic paradigm, where the observable is the distribution of (real) zeros of random polynomials whose coefficients are the time samples of a signal+noise mixture, and the signal, whose possible presence has to be detected, has a known adiabatically evolving angular frequency. Possible application to gravitational wave detection from pulsars and coalescing binaries is suggested and preliminarily discussed. [1] J.W.C. Robinson et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 81 (1998) 2850 [2] V. Galdi, V. Pierro, I.M. Pinto, Phys. Rev. E57 (1998) 6470. [3] F. Chapeau-Blondeau, Phys. Rev. E66 (2002) 032101.