GWDAW-8 Abstract: Incorporating Source-Modeling Information into Gravitational Wave Searches

Saikat Ray Majumder · UWM · LIGO

Patrick Brady · UWM · LIGO

Binary black holes are expected to produce tremendous bursts of gravitational waves as they merge. However these waveforms cannot be accuratelydetermined at this time. The problem is under constant attack by the numerical relativity community motivated by the prospects for gravitational-wave detection. Nevertheless, a simple mechanism to translate incomplete information from numerical (or theoretical) calculations into a form useful for detection purposes has been lacking for some time. We present an algorithmic way to use inaccurate gravitational waveforms to improve detection efficiency in gravitational wave searches. The mechanism is not intended to be optimal. As an example, we present the method using gravitational-wave signals for supernovae core collapses provided by Zwerger, Mueller & Dimmelmeir. The strength of this method lies in the fact that it allows the incorporation of new information as it becomes available.