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Function: Get_Duration()

0 float Get_Duration(float f1, float f2, float m1, float m2)
Calculates how many seconds it takes for the system to evolve from the initial frequency $f_1$ to final frequency $f_2$, i.e. the ``duration'' of a chirp.

f1: Input. The initial frequency $f_1$ in Hertz.
f2: Input. The final frequency $f_2$ in Hertz.
m1: Input. The mass of the first body in units of the solar mass.
m2: Input. The mass of the second body in units of the solar mass.
Return value: Output. The duration of the chirp in seconds or a value $<0$ if an error occurred (if $t(v)$ has not been calculated).
Author: Serge Droz,
Comments: You must have read in the data files and calculated $t(v)$ for this to work.

Bruce Allen 2000-11-19