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Function: Set_Up_Data()

0 void Set_Up_Data( float *v, float *P, float *T, float *ReA, float *ImA, int num_of_datapoints)
Allows a user to supply their own arrays containing data. If a pointer is non null, the array it points to will be used for the specific data.
Warning: This routine does very little error checking.

v: Input. An array containing the orbital velocities.
P: Input. An array containing $P(v)$.
T: Input. An array containing the time $t(v)$.
ReA: Input. An array containing the real part of $A_{lm}(v)$.
ImA: Input. An array containing the imaginary part of $A_{lm}(v)$.
num_of_datapoints: Input. The number of data points.
Author: Serge Droz,
Comments: It's assumed that all arrays contain the same number of data points, and that the values of $v$ are equally spaced.

Bruce Allen 2000-11-19