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Function: integrate_function()

0 int integrate_function(float vl, float vr, float vo, float (*f)(float ), float **F, int number_of_points)
This function returns an array containing the values of $F(v) = \int_{v_0}^v f(x) dx$ in the interval $[v_l, v_r]$.
vl: Input. $v_l$.
vr: Input. $v_r$.
vo: Input. $v_0$.
f: Input. The function to be integrated.
F: Input. An array containing the result at equally spaced values of $v$. If **F==NULL allocate the memory.
number_of_points: Input. The number of points desired.
Return value: Output. Returns $0$ if there was no error, and an error code otherwise. These codes are described in Section [*].
Author: Serge Droz,
Comments: None.

Bruce Allen 2000-11-19