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Example: ring-corr program

This program computes the maximum weighted cross-correlation of a black hole merger waveforms (contained in data files) with ringdown waveforms. The input data file(s) contain close-limit approximations or numerical relativity results for the merger of two black holes.

To execute the program:

corr [options] [file1 [file2]]
  -h          prints a help message
  -m mass     specifies the black hole mass (in solar masses)
  -s spin     specifies the dimensionless black hole spin [0,1)
  -p powfile  file containing the noise power spectrum
Here, file1 and file2 are optional filenames containing the waveform data. If two arguments are present, the cross-correlations of the data in the two files is computed; otherwise, the cross-correlation of the data in the single file (or in file close-limit.dat if there are no arguments) with a Schwarzschild ringdown is computed. If a power spectrum filename is not specified, the program looks for ligo-0.dat. Includes/ring-corr.tex

Authors: Jolien Creighton ( and Jorge Pullin (

Bruce Allen 2000-11-19