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This file acts as the input to the tfmain program. The routine gettfparameters() defined in the file tf_misc.c reads in this input file. The file contains dummy strings describing the parameters followed by that parameter. We list below the various input parameters. The default values for the various parameters are the ones used by us in investigating the efficiency of the algorithm described in this section and is documented in [33]. A run with these parameters reproduces the point corresponding to the $60M_\odot$ curve at an SNR of 10 in Figure 5 of [33]. For convenience we reproduce the figure here, [*]. Please note that the parameters defined in file tfmain.h must also be unchanged to reproduce the results of our paper.

Figure: False dismissal probability as a function of mass. The three curves correspond to three different values the optimal filter signal-to-noise ratio. With the parameters we have chosen, our method tends to work better for higher mass binaries, where the energy is more localized in the TF map.

run_number : This is used when you need to make multiple runs of the code for different parameters. The name of the directory to write the output files is set to be ./run$(run_number) where $(run_number) is the value of the parameter run_number. Also the random number seed used is determined by this number. The file randomseeds contains a single column of user generated random numbers which are used as seeds and the run_number determines which random seed to use and is essentially the random seed on the run_number$^{th}$ line in the file randomseeds.
flo : This is the lower frequency cutoff for the generated signal.
start_segment : the first segment to start analysing; segments are numbered 0 onwards.
transform_type : To select between the Wigner-Ville(1), windowed Fourier transform(2) and Choi-Williams distribution (3), and Wigner-Ville with no zero padding (4).
window_width : the size of the window used in the windowed Fourier transform.
offset_step_size : to be set to unity.
signal_type : the type of signal to insert in the subsegments, inspiral waveform (1), quasiperiodic waveform with power law increase in frequency and amplitude (2), coalescence waveform(3).
signal_offset : the offset at which to insert the signal in each subsegment.
m1 : mass of the star; used if signal_type = 1
m2 : mass of the other star; used if signal_type = 1
pind : the exponent for the power law increase in frequency; used if signal_type = 2
ampind : the exponent for the power law increase in amplitude; used if signal_type = 2
timfrac : the fraction of the subsegment for which the signal lasts; used if signal_type = 2
snr : the signal to noise ratio at which to insert the signal
number_of_segments : the number of segments to analyse
dl_sigma : the value of the thickness of the lines expected in the map in pixels.
dl_high : used as a threshold to determine whether a pixel is part of a curve.

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Bruce Allen 2000-11-19