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Example: gwoutput program

0 This example uses the function get_data() described in the previous section to print out a two-column file containing the IFO output for the first locked section containing 100 sample points. In the output, the left column is time values, and the right column is the actual IFO output (note that because this comes from a 12 bit A-D converter, the output is an integer value from -2047 to 2048). The program works by acquiring data 100 points at a time, then printing out the values, then acquiring 100 more points, and so on. Whenever a new locked section begins, the program prints a banner message to alert the user. Note that typical locked sections contain $\approx 10^7$ points of data, so this program should not be used for real work - it's just a demonstration! Includes/gwoutput.tex

Bruce Allen 2000-11-19