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Example: gwoutputF program

0 This example uses the function fget_ch() described in the previous section to print out a two-column file containing the IFO output for the first locked section containing 100 sample points. To run this program, type
setenv GRASP_FRAMEPATH /usr/local/GRASP/18nov94.1frame
In the output, the left column is time values, and the right column is the actual IFO output (note that because this comes from a 12 bit A-D converter, the output is an integer value from -2047 to 2048). The program works by acquiring data 100 points at a time, then printing out the values, then acquiring 100 more points, and so on. Whenever a new locked section begins, the program prints a banner message to alert the user. Note that typical locked sections contain $\approx 10^7$ points of data, so this program should not be used for real work - it's just a demonstration! Includes/gwoutputF.tex

Bruce Allen 2000-11-19