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GRASP Installation

0 As we have just explained, GRASP requires access to Numerical Recipes in C libraries and to MPI and MPE libraries and optionally to the CLAPACK libraries. These packages must be installed, and then within GRASP a path to these libraries must be defined. This can be done by editing a single file, and then running a shell script. This section explains each of these steps in detail.

All of the site-specific information is contained in a single file SiteSpecific in the top-level directory of GRASP. This file contains a number of variables whose purpose is explained in this section. These variables must be correctly set before GRASP can be used; the definitions contained in SiteSpecific (as distributed) are probably not appropriate for your system, and will therefore require modification. A number of example SiteSpecific files are included in the GRASP distribution, in the directory Examples_SiteSpecific/ .


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