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The Burst Analysis Working Group (or "Bursts Group", or "Burst Group") is a joint working group of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Virgo Collaboration which is devoted to searching for transient gravitational wave signals without relying on accurate knowledge of the waveforms. Because of the wide variety of potential signals, Burst Group members employ a range of detection strategies, from focused searches for reasonably well-modeled astrophysical objects to search methods which are designed to detect signals with completely arbitrary waveforms.


The LSC Burst Group Charter (written prior to joining with Virgo) is here.
As of June 2011, the Burst Group Co-Chairs are Giovanni Prodi, Laura Cadonati, and Patrick Sutton. Feel free to contact them with any inquiries about the group. (Email addresses of LSC and Virgo members may be found here.)

Mailing List

The working group has an electronic mailing list for announcements and discussion. This webpage gives information about this list, including subscription instructions and a link to view the archive of messages.

To send a message to the mailing list, address it to . Any message sent by a person who is not currently a member of the LSC-Virgo Collaboration will be held for review by the list moderators.

(The archives for the previous LSC mailing lists may be found here (2008 through mid 2010) and here (pre-2008).)

Web Pages

The Burst Group web pages help to coordinate the activites and collect the scientific results. The links to the left lead to electronic notebooks, documents, meeting minutes, etc. Access to information about analyses in progress is restricted to members of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Virgo Collaboration. All web pages similar to this one, with the navigation links along the left edge, are kept in a CVS repository and may be edited by following these instructions.

(The previous home page for the LSC Burst Group, created by Alan Weinstein, may be found here.)


The regular weekly teleconference of the Burst Group takes place on Wednesdays at 11:15 am Eastern time / 8:15 am Pacific time. These teleconferences are open to all LSC and Virgo members. Calling instructions are sent to the Burst Group mailing list, and may also be obtained by contacting one of the Co-Chairs.
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