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Burst Group External Collaboration Overview

Overview of Active or Possible External Collaboration

Name of external person(s), group, or scientific collaboration:

The ANTARES Neutrino Telescope.

Brief description of collaborative activity (one sentence):

Search for common cosmic sources of Gravitational-waves (GW) and High-Energy Neutrinos (HEnu) in S5/VSR1, S6/VSR2 and Advanced LIGO/Virgo data.

Contact person(s) in the LSC+Virgo collaborations:

  • Contact: Zsuzsa Marka agreed to serve as a liaison.
  • Present team/contributors from LIGO/Virgo: Yoichi Aso, Matteo Barsuglia, Imre Bartos, Eric Chassande-Mottin, Szabolcs Marka, Zsuzsa Marka,
  • from specialized theory and former LIGO/Virgo members (no data access planned): Kotake Kei, Shin'ichiro Ando, and John Dwyer

    External contact person(s):

    Present contributor from ANTARES: Veronique Van Elewyck, Antoine Kouchner, Irene Di Palma, and Thierry Pradier

    How does/would this collaborative activity benefit the LSC and Virgo?

    It targets one of the main science goals of LIGO/Virgo, though enabling the joint observation of astrophysical sources with GW and HEnu. The indicated extremely low false alarm rate of joint search (see e.g., CQG and APS /PDF) allows for highly confident future detection. Additionally, the the associated increase in single detector sensitivity allows us to study small events that would be inaccessible on any other way (e.g., ~O(10) events per day). Pointing and time information on the source candidates are used in this project. Connection between gravitational waves, HEnus, GRBs and other intriguing astrophysical phenomena could be established. This means that the astrophysical and scientific reach of all partner observatories is extended significantly and the joint observation program opens up new avenues, not available otherwise.

    Are there other individuals/groups who could provide similar benefits?

    If so, what is the scientific and/or practical justification for pursuing this particular collaboration?

    Yes, ANTARES, IceCube and Super-K has complementary HEnu observation programs from the viewpoint of the project. In a nutshell, while IceCube covers the Nothern hemisphere, ANTARES covers the Southern hemisphere. Therefore, IceCube and ANTARES provides full sky coverage, matching that of the LIGO/Virgo project. The published approach is applicable for both IceCube and ANTARES. Therefore it makes sense to have one common project. This is what we pursue, so also see entry on IceCube.

    Are any joint proposals planned to be submitted, e.g. for funding or for telescope time?

    If so, indicate what will be proposed, to what agency or entity, and who will be listed as the investigator(s).

    No joint proposals are planned at this point in time. This is a project using data that had already been collected and data that will be collected anyway as a primary mission goal for all participating collaborations.

    Describe any paper(s) which will/might result from this collaboration

    1. Articles (arXiv:0807.2567 and arXiv:0807.2562) were published on the VIRGO-ANTARES studies.
    2. A paper on the expected LIGO+IceCube performance based on simulations was published.
    3. A paper giving detailed theoretical overview, describing the expected LIGO+IceCube+Virgo+ANTARES performance based on realistic simulations, detailing the analysis method, and giving realistic estimates on the expected bounds/results is being prepared by the team.
    4. Detections, discoveries, bounds or other astrophysically meaningful results will be published jointly.

    What preliminary studies (if any) have been done or are currently being done?

    Thorough theoretical and methodological studies were prepared and the complete definition/performance evaluation of the project is well underway. (see e.g., arXiv:0807.2567, arXiv:0807.2562, CQG, and APS /PDF)

    Any other comments:

    This is a project that is undertaken by a wide reaching team including Theory+LIGO+IceCube+Virgo+ANTARES experts. See project homepage for details on the physics, goals and progress. Your contribution would be very much appreciated.
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