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Burst Group External Collaboration Overview

Overview of Active or Possible External Collaboration

Name of external person(s), group, or scientific collaboration:

ETA: Eight-meter-wavelength Transient Array
Home page

Brief description of collaborative activity (one sentence):

Look for coincidences between low-frequency radio transients and GW event candidates

Contact person(s) in the LSC+Virgo collaborations:

Peter Shawhan, Jonah Kanner

External contact person(s):

John Simonetti, Mike Kavic

How does/would this collaborative activity benefit the LSC and Virgo?

Detection of a radio burst associated with a GW event candidate would confirm the GW event and provide more information about its source. See this note by Mike Kavic (Virginia Tech) for more about the likelihood of joint radio and GW emission from a number of sources.

Are there other individuals/groups who could provide similar benefits?

If so, what is the scientific and/or practical justification for pursuing this particular collaboration?
ETA is a unique phased-array radio telescope in that it is designed to monitor the whole sky (above the horizon) for radio transients. A second array is being constructed at a different location to provide a coincidence test.

Are any joint proposals planned to be submitted, e.g. for funding or for telescope time?

No, this is a peer-to-peer collaboration.

Describe any paper(s) which will/might result from this collaboration

If we find a coincident signal, we would write a joint discovery paper. If we don't discover anything, we might still consider writing some sort of paper if we place limits on GW emission associated with loud radio bursts (?).

What preliminary studies (if any) have been done or are currently being done?

None so far.

Any other comments:

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