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Burst Group External Collaboration Overview

Overview of Active or Possible External Collaboration

Name of external person(s), group, or scientific collaboration:

MWA: Murchison Widefield Array (formerly known as the Mileura Widefield Array)
Home page

Brief description of collaborative activity (one sentence):

Follow up GW event candidates with pointed radio observations. Sub-prime event analysis.

Contact person(s) in the LSC+Virgo collaborations:

Erik Katsavounidis

External contact person(s):

Shami Chatterjee (Sydney), Roger Cappallo (Haystack), Jackie Hewitt (MIT), The MWA Transient Collaboration

How does/would this collaborative activity benefit the LSC and Virgo?

Could confirm and localize a GW event candidate, and provide additional information about its source.

Are there other individuals/groups who could provide similar benefits?

If so, what is the scientific and/or practical justification for pursuing this particular collaboration?
Yes, LOFAR is a similar project in Europe -- i.e. on ~the opposite side of the Earth (but with some overlapping FOV)

Are any joint proposals planned to be submitted, e.g. for funding or for telescope time?

Not currently If so, indicate what will be proposed, to what agency or entity, and who will be listed as the investigator(s).

Describe any paper(s) which will/might result from this collaboration

Sub-prime event analysis could lead to some publication. ToO time granted may warrant section in UL paper.

What preliminary studies (if any) have been done or are currently being done?


Any other comments:

MWA will have 32 modules in operation by June 2009. The array will operate in a rather 'internal' mode without any guest observing expected. Any chance to obtain observing in LookUP mode is through an MOU.
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